Download Windows Server 2022 Standard


Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard is one of the latest Operating System that lunched from Microsoft Company , So before you Start downloading your Windows Server 2022 ISO file , you should Lurn  about How to activate it in the Right way .

so you will need Windows server 2022 standard Online activation License key , this is where you gonna need the only trusted Microsoft Digital Market that you will get original online activation License Keys .


after your Purchase was Succesfully , and you download and instal the officiel windows server 2022 standard iso let’s get started the activation Process .

1 – open the Activation window , and click on (change product key) 

2 – Entre the key that you bought from and click Next

3 – Click to Activate , and done . 

i Hope this Bloge post serve you well 🙂 thanks for reading .


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